Wrist Thumb Stabilizer For Right And Left Hand Wrist Splint Brace Support Tenosynovitis Aid Finger Splint Thumb Brace Support

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Wrist Brace Thumb Stabilizer For Drop Shipping


1.Ergonomic design allow it easy to put on, the elasticated Velcro strap fits snugly and is easily attachable and removable with no pain or stress. can adapt and support you for the tasks at hand such as cooking, housework, typing and driving
2.Durable high-elastic and moisture wicking lightweight neoprene materials with high-quality pre-shaped metal splint provide strong support, soothing warmth and comfort to your thumb. Can be worn on either left or right hand
3.Removable and sturdy metal splint: Our thumb splint use lightweight aluminum in the neutral position , which are bendable to fit thumb and wrist perfectly, for maximum support and immobilization on your thumb without affecting other fingers activity. The lightweight aluminum splints are removable for supporting the thumb during properly cleaning the thumb brace
package included:  (As per your choice)
1 x Thumb Stabilizer
2  x Thumb Stabilizer

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