Upgraded Version Traction Support Waist Belt For Back Pain Inflatable Traction Heat Therapy Fixed Support Lumbar Brace Belt

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Upgraded Version Traction Support Waist Belt For Back Pain Inflatable Traction Heat Therapy Fixed Support Lumbar Brace Belt
New generation heat therapy lumbar traction device major breakthrough:
There are several categories waist support products on market in the past: only inflatable traction, only heat moxibustion therapy, or only be fixed support.
The new generation hot moxibustion treatment lumbar traction device changed the product for single function. Integrated inflatable traction, fixed support, fomentation physiotherapy, multi-functional protection of your lumbar spine!
The new generation heat treatment lumbar traction has two gears-low and high temperature, you can use the power bank, transformer power supply, design more intimate, can be used anytime, anywhere.
3 in1 Decompression belt provides inflatable traction, fixed support, fomentation physiotherapy, enjoying a medical magnetic therapy with 8 magnets evenly distributed
Can be used during activities, or while resting and relaxing, such as walking, sitting, lying down, gardening, golfing, working and more
Through traction, reduce the burden around ligament, bring good rest for damaged lumbar fibrous ring
PAIN RELIEF: Stretch & relieve tight lower back muscles and Relieve lower back pain & stiffness
Light and portable. Belt will fit 29 to 49 inch waists.
Item can be used for:
1.  Prolapsed lumbar intervertebral discs.
2.  Abnormal function of small joints of the lumbar vertebra.
3.  Hyperplasia of lumbar vertebra.
4.  Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting.
5.  Long time driving or sitting.
6.  Scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.
7.  Low back pain caused by obesity.
8.  Degenerative discs. 
Traction belt size: 112.0 × 20.0cm (after Inflation)
Extension belt size: 22 * 11cm 
Size: free
Outer layer: PU
Inner layer: Cotton
Inner layer of air inflation:TPU(Special soft material)
Use direction
Wearing the belt against the skin directly or on loose fitting clothing
Wearing the belt between the lower rib cage and hip, attaching the belt firmly
Clip pump onto the gas valve of the belt, and then inflate the belt by pumping the pump
The most effective traction effect is obtained when the air pillars of belt are fully inflated
It is recommended that initially the belt be worn for 30-60 minutes at a time. if not side effect or pain is experienced then the usage time can be periodically extended.
Do not wear the belt when sleeping
Before taking off the belt ,unscrew the pump and press the air valve until the air escapes, ensure the belt is fully deflated then loosen the belt.
It is better to loose leather belt before using.
It is recommended to use the air traction belt 30 minutes sleeping.
Package Included:
1 x traction belt
1 x hand air pump
1 x extend belt
​1 x USB cable
1 x use manual




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