Trigger Adjustable Finger Guard Splint for Treat Finger Stiffness Pain Popping Clicking from Stenosing Tenosynovitis

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Trigger Finger Splint for Treat Finger Stiffness, Pain, Popping & Clicking from Stenosing Tenosynovitis Adjustable Finger Guard

This splint is used to treat stenosing tenosynovitis (also known as trigger finger), so you can avoid painful surgery! Use on your index, middle, ring or pinky finger, or your thumb.
The splint is completely universal and adjustable - one size fits all. Adjust to your comfort level and size with the Velcro closure.
Wear this natural trigger finger treatment brace during the day to keep your finger straight. Its easy to wear at work, while driving, or during any activity, as it completely frees the hand. Wear it at night to prevent your finger from bending, clenching, catching, or locking up. Prevents painful stiffness, clicking and popping of your finger joint in the morning!
Package carry bag optional, perfect choice for gift and more convenient use. 
Material: Neoprene
Size: free
The main user groups:  finger injured person
Package included:
1 x finger splint
Note: With or without bag as per your choice. 
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