KONGDY Rhinitis Cream 30g Chronic Rhinitis Treatment Chinese Traditional Cream for Stuffy Nose Relieves Nasal No Ventilation

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Name:Rhinitis Cream Function:Treatment Runny,Itching, Nose Sneezing Use crowd:Adults,Children over 10 years Weight:30g/pcs Shelf life:24 months Main ingredients: Magnolia,Angelica dahurica,Centipeda minima,Xanthium sibiricum,Asarum,chlorhexidine acetate,


1. Clean the nasal cavity, including secretions, pus, etc. 2. Use a cotton swab to dip the ointment into the nasal cavity, and gently rotate it to apply evenly. If there is a little discomfort in the initial use, you need to gradually adapt to it.


1. Disabled by pregnant women, sneezing when using, runny nose is a normal reaction 2. 2 times a day, once in the morning and evening 3. Children need to consult their doctors before use.

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