Nature Nicotine Patches Quit Smoking Patches Stop Smoking Aid Anti Smoke Patch 100% Natural Ingredient Health Care

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Nature Nicotine Patches Quit Smoking Patches Stop Smoking Aid Anti Smoke Patch 100% Natural Ingredient Health Care



  1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can alleviate smokers' physical and psychological dependence to cigarettes and gradually reduce the desire of smoke, thereby overcoming the habit of smoking and achieving the goal of quitting smoking successfully.
  2. Natural ingredients and tobacco extract will not cause any side effects to your body, healthy and mild without making people addicted.
  3. Breathable non-woven fabric with many small holes delivers better ventilation to avoid stuffy feelings and allergic risks, comfortable for all season use.



[Ingredients and main functions]

Clove: It has a calming effect, can produce calm emotions and reduce people's cravings for nicotine.

Peppermint: Stimulate the circulatory system and help calm emotions, while purifying the lungs and respiratory system, making breathing more smooth.

Star Anise Oil: It has the functions of invigorating the stomach, analgesic, regulating qi, and dispelling cold and dampness, and is helpful for indigestion and neurasthenia.

Sweet Orange Oil: It can relieve cough, has a good effect on liver qi stagnation, depression of mood, and does not think about eating. At the same time, it has no inhibition on the central nervous system and no addiction. It is a very good plant ingredient.

Ginger: It has the effects of relieving the appearance and dispelling cold, warming the lungs and relieving vomiting, warming the lungs and relieving cough, and detoxification. The addition of ginger ingredients can help the vomiting and loss of appetite that are prone to occur during smoking cessation.

Tobacco Extract: The effective ingredient extracted from tobacco or Solanaceae plants, which replaces the role of nicotine in cigarettes, is a natural phytotoxin.

Patch Size: 5*5cm

Quantity: 1 Box=6 Bags=30 Patches


[Usage method]

Take out an inner bag and tear it open along the tear opening.

Take out the patch, remove the anti-mucosa, paste it every morning and tear it off at night.

The dosage can be adjusted by yourself, up to 3 patches at the same time.

There are 30 patches per box. According to smoking age and amount of smoking, each box can be used for about 1 week on average. 3 boxes are a cycle, it is easier to quit smoking according to the cycle.



It is forbidden to use it if the skin at the application site is red, swollen or damaged;

It is forbidden to use for those with skin allergies;

It is forbidden to use for pregnant women, women during menstrual period, and breastfeeding women.


Package Included:

1 Box=6 Bags=30 Patches of Nicotine Patches


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