KONGDY 6Pieces/Box Coughing Smooth Patch for Children Adult Stop Phlegm Plaster Infant Herbal Anti-cough Plaster Cough Moisten

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Cough Relief Ingredients: Menthol,Ginger powder, Rhododendron dauricum essential oil, water, hot melt adhesive.
Functions: Clearing away heat to ventilate lung, relieving cough to resolve phlegm, invigorating blood circulation to dredge collateral. 
1.It is applicable for cough, phlegm, nasal obstruction with watery nasal discharge and low-grade fever caused by syndrome of wind-warm type lung-heat with the heat lies in lung-defense.
2.Be used to relieve infantile acute bronchitis with the above syndromes.
1.For external use.
2.Not used for large area wound surface.
3.Allergy to any component of this disabled.
4.Pregnant women, disabled.
5.Used for the children for more than six months.
Storage: Air-proof and store in dry and cool places.
How to use it?
*For external use. Peel off the release paper, Plastering on TanZhong acupiont(midpoint of nipple line) ,Lung acupoints, Tiantu acupionts.
*With warm water to wipe and clean these body parts before use.
*1-2 plasters are applied one day.
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