1 Pair=2PCS Self-heating Warm Knee Pads Magnet Magnetic Therapy Comfortable Breathable Knee Protector Magnetic Knee Brace TSLM1

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Heat and Magnet Knee Brace

Provide support and relieve knee pain with the combination of heat, magnetic therapy and padding.

This self heating magnetic therapy knee brace will help you relieve your knee pain from various different conditions including arthritis, sprains, cold weather pains

Magnetic therapy will provide natural heat to the knee area which will help relieve the pain by relaxing the muscles and improving the blood circulation and provide you much needed comfort.

This neoprene knee support contains a sheet of tourmaline inside, which is a material that generates heat when in close contact with the body. It's a natural substance that does not require batteries or electricity



4 magnets

Suitable for men and women.

One size fits most.

Size can be adjusted with the velcro.

Material: Neoprene

Colour: Black

Washing: Hand wash only

Package Included:


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