Cofoe Yili 50/100 Blood Glucose Test Strips with Lancets and Needles for Diabetes monitor glucose

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Cofoe Yili 50/100pcs Glucose Test Strips and Lancets

Notes: * The expiry date of test strips is August, 2021. Please use up within 6 Months after opening the strips bottle. * The equipment does not include in the package! If you need the glucose meter with test strips, You can click on the image below to purchase.


* When you choose "50 pcs strips",it include: 1X 1 Box of test strips(50pcs) 1X 1 Box of needles (50pcs)

* When you choose "100 pcs strips",it include: 1X 2 Box of test strips(100pcs) 1X 2 Box of needles (100pcs)

Only for Cofoe Yili Blood Glucose Meter Glucometer for Diabetes

* Long Alidity period * Accurate * Fast test

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