6Pcs Thailand Nasal Inhaler Stick Herbal Nasal Sian Stick for Nasal congestion motion sickness insect repellent

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Product name: Thailand effect best nose - superscript minty tube


Package : With laminate and the original packaging


origin: Thailand origin


Into: the main ingredient is peppermint oil, peppermint oil.


efficiency: cure colds nasal congestion, refreshing, giddy dazzled, motion sickness, seasickness.Stay up late refreshing relieve dizziness/tong heatstroke/anti-mosquito congestion / / keep the swelling down


Weight: 12 g


Validity: 3 years


[usage] : (unscrewed one head can smell, unscrew the other head can wipe drops)


 1 > sensitive stuffy nose, separating the nose through the top of the holes in the nose to smell, super practical!!!!!


 2 > such as headache/dizziness/motion sickness/sleepy/didn't mind/heat stroke can be the eight immortals tube at the top of the holes in the nose a sniff and put at the bottom of the medicine oil to lightly on the temples, can alleviate the symptoms.


3 > if by mosquito bites, side of the nose through the bottom of the medicine oil clean the wound, immediately will not itch.


4 > fatigue driving, stay up late to work, the students for the college entrance examination necessary


5 > in case of children have a stuffy nose, runny nose, cold symptoms when sleeping pillow 1 drops to relieve symptoms of nasal ventilation

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