1PC Effective Auxiliary Fixed Gloves Rehabilitation Training Tool Hand Fist Finger Gloves For Stroke Hemiplegia Patient

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Rehabilitation support gloves, fingers separation, for the spasm and mild paralysis design.
Can be used with rehabilitation bicycles, pulley rings training device and so on.
Can also be assisted grasping walker, meal spoon, etc., is a good helper for paralyzed people.
1. Five fingers separated design, can prevent finger spasm, in the grasp of the time, anti-skid anti-off.
2. Anti-slip wrist Velcro, according to individual needs free to adjust the degree of tightness. In the training to play the role of anti-skid protection.
Suit for: 
Hand joints need rehabilitation patients, the elderly, stroke patients, athletes and so on
Package included:
1pcs Rehabilitation glove
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