10Pcs/Set BYEPAIN Cervical Vertebra Pain Relief Patch Self-Heating Sticker Moxibustion Wormwood Sticker Pain Relief

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Type: Wormwood Cervical Patch


Unit: 10pcs


Size(L*W): 14*10cm/5.5*3.9inch



Material: Non-woven fabric, Gel layer, Polyethylene film cover



Ingredient: main ingredient is wormwood, no ingredient of play pharmacology, immunology or metabolism effect.



Application: for cold compress therapy, only used for closed soft tissue.



Usage description:


   1.applicable for neck, shoulder, cervical spine, joint etc closed soft tissue.


   2.peel off the film, patch the sticker to where you feel sore, replace once per 24-48 hours(can adjust by yourself), one treatment is 7-10 days.







1.Clean the position where you want to stick before usage.


2.Stop use if there is allergic reaction, and consult the doctor.


3.Don't stick to sensitive skin.


4.Do not stick to hair or sweaty areas, prevent falling off.


5.If the symptoms do not improve or worsen, come to visit the doctor at once.


6.Children should use under adult supervision.


7.Keep in the dark place, stored in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas and good ventilation.


8.The area where has wounds, eczema, urticaria, wound ulcers is prohibited for usage.


9.The Pregnant woman and lactation is prohibited for usage.


10.This product is disposable.




Validity period: 2 years.


Storage: sealed, keep in ventilation, dry, dark and clean place.


Suitable for all seasons





About the product:



  1.Quickly relieve pain, relieve joint pain, back pain, neck and shoulder pain.


    2.Keep warm, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.


    3.Directly from the epidermis to the muscle tissue, the active ingredient relieves the bones and muscles from the inside out.


    4.Adopt wormwood extracts, self-heating patch design, you just need to stick it on the body area, easy to use.


    5.It is necessary for office workers, popular in hot weather and warm areas.


    6.Affordable set: 10pcs/set. In order to fulfill the concept of environmental protection, our goods do not include retail packaging box, but has a pvc package bag, and we will pack the goods well to ensure the safety of the goods.




Package include:


                10pcs/set*Cervical Patch


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