Knee Heating Massager Joint Physiotherapy Therapy Massage 3 Level Adjustable Relief Arthritis Pain Equipment Care

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1. Effectively alleviate all kinds of knee pain and discomfort, including various common knee problems such as rheumatism, injury, and stasis

2. Three heating vibration modes are optional, with temperature control protection.

3. The life of the newly upgraded motor can reach 600 hours, and it can be used continuously for up to 5 hours on a full charge. With two 8.4V 2600mh batteries, one 8.4V dual-use dual-head power adapter for charging and power supply.


1.Relieve knee rheumatic arthritis  
2.Accelerate muscle recovery 
3.Alleviate muscle pain
4.Reduce heart rate
5.Increase flexibility
6.Improve circulation
7.Promote better sleep

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